Rosa Ucci was born in Lanciano, Italy in 1946. She has kept in her heart and mind the traditions of her homeland and the past experiences that have marked her life.
She attended Classical High School in Pescara, Italy, and graduated from the University of Bologna in 1970 with a thesis on Trade Unionism in Developing Countries.
The experiences of the years of protest and the conviction that freedom must be expressed in personal participation and the development of history gave her a strong interest in humanity, which she quickly put into action in her double work commitment as a teacher and a company manager in her family's car dealership business.
At the same time she started her exploration of the human mind with a course in Psychology at "La Sapienza" University in Rome. Trained at the Jungian school, she extended her preparation with numerous experiences in the social field. After graduating with a thesis on the psychological aspects of separation in marriage supervised by Professor Aldo Carotenuto and obtaining the qualification to practice her profession, she coined the saying: "each end is a new beginning".
On finishing her studies she began to travel: "Stretch your mind and fly". She flew around the world and discovered the secrets of several cities, becoming first an Australian citizen and later an English citizen. In Australia, America and England she worked as a psychotherapist, a teacher and a consultant devoting herself to development, education, training and prevention. She explored issues relating to the personality of the woman and its individual and social expression, making a significant contribution to the personal emancipation of women.
Returning to Italy she was able to say without doubt "we are members of a vast cosmic orchestra in which each living instrument is essential for the complementary and harmonius playing of the whole".
Her passion for mankind and the psychological aspects of its evolution led her to explore the world of the Tango, its origins and its renewed popularity in the time of globalization. The fruit of this passion is her book "Nostalgia, Betrayal, Love – a journey through the Tango", written in both English and Italian, in which music underlines the history of human impulse.
The immediate success of this book is confirmation of her tireless search for the still largely unknown human mind.